Arthur's Math Games

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Ages 4 to 7

Packed with Learning and Fun!

Arthur's Math Games is the perfect combination of learning, fun, and helpful features. With 6 different fun-filled activities and 5 levels of difficulty, Arthur's Math Games will entertain your child with hours of learning and fun!

Learn with Arthur
Click on Arthur's friends to go to a learning activity.

Counting & Addition
Count the correct change to buy snacks at DW's lemonade stand.

Patterns & Sequences
Sort bugs at Francine's Amazing Bug show.

Kids Learn
o Counting
o Addition & Subtraction
o Multiplication & Division
o Basic Geometry
o Simple Fractions
o Memory Skills
o Patterns & Sequences
o Problem Solving

Special Features
o 5 Skill Levels
o Art & Music Activities

Windows® 10, 8, 7