Airlines 2

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Buckle up...severe turbulence ahead!

As the owner of a new airline, and it's up to you to pilot your company to financial success. You control of every aspect of your business, from the types of planes you fly and their routes, to your corporate investments and acquisitions. But in a world of sudden tropical storms, oil crises, ill-tempered passengers and stressed-out flight personnel, it looks like cloudy skies might be coming!

• 110 different realistic planes
• 250+ different airports
• 15 starting geographic regions
• Up to 300+ routes
• 7 AI controlled opponent airline companies
• 4 customizable game types
• 100+ companies on the stock exchange
• Spinning 3D globe for easy navigation
• 110 airplane animations
• Atmospheric soundtrack

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium III 500 MHz processor or faster
128 MB RAM
350 MB free hard disk space
DirectX® 8.1 or higher
32 MB DirectX® 8.1 compatible video card