File Batch Modifier

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Make your files easier to sort and use!

Fix file info--fast!
o Quick and easy to use
o safe and secure
o Edit the attributes of multiple files at once

Make your files easier to sort and use!

Ever import a batch of photos, and then realize all the date stamps are wrong? Or maybe you have files that can't be edited because they're "Read Only". With SelectGuard's File Batch Modifier, it's easy to change these and other file attributes for multiple files at once! Quickly and safely make your files easier to use!

o Easy-to-use interface
o Low system resources required
o Edit the date and time of creation, modification and last access, plus "read only", "hidden", "archive" and "system" file attributes
o Modify multiple files and folders, including all files in sub-folders
o Install the program on hard drives, USB sticks or nearly any other rewritable media and take it wherever you go

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium III 700 MHz or faster processor
10 MB free hard disk space