Speedstudy Algebra Booster

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Speed your way to math mastery!

Ages 12 and up

Build algebra skills fast!
Speedstudy Algebra Booster provides a solid educational foundation that will raise grades and test scores and improve algebra skills in the classroom and beyond.

Boost grades and test scores
Step-by-step animations, unique multi-step quizzes and fun games let students build critical problem-solving skills in an engaging, interactive learning environment.

Take the stress out of high school math
The curriculum-based lessons are designed by educators to help students understand and avoid common algebra mistakes. Plus, special tips and tricks give students the edge in mastering key concepts.

Topics include:
* Percentages
* Primes
* Factorization
* Algebraic Notation
* Geometric Formulas
* Order of Operations
* Polynomials
* Quadratic Equations
* Functions
* Variables
* Exponents

* Includes helpful tips and tricks, plus how to avoid common errors
* Features animation and live voices from friendly tutors
* Multi-step quizzes and fun games provided for each concept

Speed to Success!
* Improve grades and test scores
* Multimedia learning system makes math concepts come alive
* Features unique multi-step quizzes
* Includes tips and tricks you won't find in most textbooks

Windows® 10, 8, 7
266 MHz processor or faster
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)