Africa Trail

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Ages 10-16

From the makers of The Oregon Trail

Bike across Africa in a world-record adventure!

Take an adventure through Africa's history, geography, and culture as you challenge the actual 12,000-mile world-record setting bike trek. Make critical decisions as you plan and execute your trip. Choose your team members, supplies and equipment. Learn to use the many maps and keep a travel log as you go. And with road-rally action, bike repairs and tests of endurance, there's never a shortage of excitement.

Get Ready for Hours of Fun Learning

Africa Trail packs in hours of fun and learning with over 1,000 photos and video clips from the actual bike trek. The adventure comes complete with detailed maps, a guide book and entries from the trek leader's journal. Plus, an authentic music score and sound effects accompany your entire trek.

Test Your Limits
Ride your bike from the sweltering days and freezing nights of the Sahara, through rainforests, and across savannahs. Heat exhaustion, rough roads, flat tires, and other obstacles make the adventure realistic and challenging.

Experience a New World
You'll meet the people of modern-day Africa whose cultures are as diverse as the terrain you'll cover. In every place you stop, you'll learn about the history and culture from the people who live there.

Broaden Your Horizons
From Tunisia to the tip of South Africa, discover Africa's richly different surroundings. Meet the Fulani of northern Nigeria and other African people in cities and villages throughout the continent.

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