File Cleaner

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Securely erase files, folders and drives!

Erase files completely and prevent unauthorized recovery!

Deleting files in Windows doesn't erase them completely from your hard drive. Using simple programs, it's easy to recover deleted data even from "wiped" drives. With SelectGuard's File Cleaner you can switch between 8 different methods to overwrite your deleted files and make sure they're really gone forever. Plus, you can even send would-be data thieves a message by overwriting your files with any text, audio or video file you want.

o Quick and easy to use
o Safe and secure
o Prevent data recovery after deletion
o Easy-to-use interface
o Low system resources required
o 8 different overwriting methods, including random data and Gutman
o Easily rename files before deleting
o Write a program report to the history file
o Clean the Recycle Bin
o Save and load project file lists
o Install the program on hard drives, USB sticks or nearly any other rewritable media and take it wherever you go

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium III 700 MHz or faster processor
10 MB free hard disk space