Jumpstart Animal Adventures

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Explore your world and discover its amazing animals Discover the thrill of going face-to-face with wild animals as you explore fascinating habitats filled with untamed adventure. Become an official animal expert by identifying and collecting photos of over 40 amazing animals. Along the way, help a squid escape from poisonous fish, chase zebras safely away from hungry predators, swing through the jungle with the Titi monkeys, and much more!

• The squid is running out of ink! With a poisonous fish at your tail, think fast and race to refuel.
• Which animal is the herbivore? Which is the carnivore? Snap pictures of animals to become an animal expert.
• Swing vine-to-vine with the Titi monkeys and help them gather bananas and coconuts.

Kids Discover:
• Over 40 unique animals in 16 action-packed activities
• Strange but true animal facts
• 4 exciting habitats around the world

Windows® 10, 8, 7
• Pentium® II 233 MHz or higher
• 128 MB RAM
• 30 MB free hard disk space