1001 Minigolf Challenge (Download)

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Welcome to the largest mini-golf course ever!

Real 3D Play!

Welcome to the largest mini-golf course ever!

Play over 1000 fun and challenging holes in an amazing mini-golf world! The intuitive and realistic 3D Virtual Play engine makes it easy to sink putts as you send your ball flying through loops, pipes, extreme ramps and mind-blowing obstacles. With a combination of real golf rules and wacky mini-golf fun, it's the ultimate challenge!

Realistic 3D Play
Zoom in, zoom out & rotate 360* up, down, left & right.

Wild & Crazy Obstacles:
o Flowers & Plants can slow you down, or be used to make ricochet shots.
o Sand Traps will cost you valuable strokes...just like on a real golf course!
o The Fan can push your ball high over obstacles--or past the hole!
o The Speeder gives your shot a boost.
o Wacky Loops, Crazy Pipes & Extreme Ramps bring classic mini-golf fun to your desktop.

Multiple Golf Clubs
Choose from a variety of different clubs.

Player Profiles
Create multiple player profiles.

Download Size: 23.3 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
1000 MHz processor (1800 MHz recommended)
256 MB RAM
150 MB free hard disk space
32 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible 3D accelerated video card (64 MB recommended)