Mystic Diamonds (Download)

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Enter a world of fantasy and fun!

Mystic Diamonds is a puzzle arcade game set in a stunning fantasy world filled with magic and mystery. Match gems as they pour from the sky using logic, speed and special powerups like lightning strikes and bombs. Advance as far as you can in Quest mode or challenge your skills in Survival mode. Either way, with such incredible graphics, fun bonuses and beautiful music, Mystic Diamonds is sure to captivate and enchant!

o 8 hand-drawn backgrounds
o 7 kinds of bonuses
o 3 difficulty levels
o Quest and Survival modes
o Dazzling animation and audio

Download Size: 7 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium II 300 MHz processor or faster
10 MB free hard disk space
16 MB SVGA card with Direct 3D support
DirectX® 8.0 or better