Quickstart Desktop Publisher Pro (Download)

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Get your professional catalogs, brochures, newsletters, etc. DONE with Quickstart Desktop Publisher.

Stretch your creativity to the max!
This is NOT just another “print productivity” program but a full-fledged professional desktop publishing program. It includes intuitive and powerful text handling capabilities that almost all other print productivity programs lack. Both first-time users and experienced graphic designers will appreciate Quickstart™ Desktop Publisher, as the program exhibits far more control over the appearance of your creations than ordinary word processors or print productivity programs. Professional features allow you to wrap text around graphics, link text boxes and precisely place text elements, right down to the letter. You can tinker with, tweak and outright torture text, plus create headlines and special effects like the pros do.

Everything is in this package!
Clipart and fonts are all included inside this package! No more extra “downloads” to deal with when all you really want to do is to get started and finish quickly. All you have to do is supply the paper, install the program, create, and then print! You can also create huge multi-page text and graphic intensive documents just like other $200+ name-brand desktop publishing programs!

• Quickstart™ Power Tools: Easily add various design elements to your projects.
• Object Tool: Customize a text box, picture box, line, graphic item or group.
• Speech Balloon Tool: Create “comic book” speech balloons and insert your desired text!
• Power Text Tool: Create custom headlines with the Power Text Tool with various, colors, fill patterns, and fonts.
• Bezier & Bezier Text Tool: Use the Bezier Tool to add Bezier curved objects to your documents! The Bezier Text tool allows you to add text and change some text attributes, such as font, font size, color, and shade.
• Object Creation Tools: Create different object shapes! Tools include: Rectangle Tool, Rounded-Corner Rectangle Tool, Star Tool, Oval Tool, Line Tool, and the Arc Tool.
• 10,000+ CLIPART IMAGES**
• Includes 250 Windows TrueType Fonts, 250 Windows PostScript Fonts

**Please Note: Photo images displayed on the package are for representational purposes and are not included.

Download Size: 130 MB

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium® II 266 MHz or faster processor
• 64 MB memory
• 330 MB hard drive space (330 MB for full install)
• Printer and paper