Living Trust Builder

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Protect Your Family, Business & Estate

Complete Living Trust Documentation Software

From the makers of BizPlanBuilder®, the #1 selling small business software

Includes for Windows®, the leading free open-source office software suite

Designed Especially for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you're single and have assets over $600,000, or combined assets of $1,200,000 if you're married (or have parents or grandparents who fit into this category), you need a living trust. Without one, you'll be giving hundreds of thousands to the government when you die, rather than passing your hard-earned assets on to your heirs. LivingTrustBuilder® gives you the mechanisms and sound planning advice that can save you from paying estate taxes, gift taxes & probate fees.

"The important thing is to do something now. Get a complete living trust in place because it can really pay off when you need it most."
--John Barrus, Attorney, Christensen, Bacigalupi & Barrus, Fresno, CA

Included Documents:
* Organizing Your Estate * Probate, Estate Taxes, Incompetence & Other Bad Things * Guardianship for Minor Children * How Does a Living Trust Differ from a Will? * What Are the Benefits of a Living Trust? * Information Collection Form * Net Estate Worksheet * Components of Your Trust * Single Person's Trust * Married Trusts * Children's Trusts * Pour-Over Wills * Powers of Attorney * Assignment Deed of Trust * Quitclaim Deed * Transfer of Assets Letter * After Death Checklist * Amendment to Trust * Revocation of Trust * Directive to Physicians (Living Will) * Advanced Estate and Business Planning * Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT) * Insurance Trusts * Family Limited Partnership * General Partnership Agreement * Corporate Buy-Sell Agreement * and More is a fully-featured open-source office productivity suite available as a free, extensible download for major platforms in over 90 languages. It is compatible with competing office suites. Add effects to your text, make graphs, create presentations, and more!

Windows® 10, 8, 7
* 150 MB free hard disk space
* Printer recommended
* Works with 3 (included), and most word-processing and spreadsheet software