JumpStart® Languages

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There's No Stopping a Kid with a JumpStart!

Ages 3-6

Discovering Languages Early is Child's Play!

Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Hola! Join Frankie the Dog at the JumpStart® World Festival and discover four language pavilions filled with the sounds of French, Japanese, Spanish, and English. Designed especially for young children, JumpStart® Languages offers a simple, age-appropriate introduction to languages.

Kids Discover:
o French, Japanese, Spanish, and English
o Vocabulary for everyday objects
o Cultural stories, customs, and characters
o Conversational phrases
o Colors, numbers, and time
o Music and lyrics

Create a Festival
Put on your own world festival with printable games, songs, and stories for offline fun.

Meet a Buddy
Listen & Learn Language Buddies speak in their native languages and introduce different sounds with games.

Video Voyages
Learn about famous landmarks, customs, sports, and more by watching videos of real kids from around the world.

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