Thinkin' Things Collection 2

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Ages 6-12

This dynamic collection of five challenging activities helps students advance their musical and artistic creativity, memory, visual and spatial awareness, listening, and problem-solving skills. With a strong grasp of these skills, it's amazing what students can do!

Special features include activities that allow students to build skills at their own pace. Also, reading is not required, so both readers and non-readers can succeed.

Learning Opportunities
• Visualize from 2D to 3D • Identify Matching Attributes • Remember and Repeat Patterns • Develop Spatial Awareness • Enhance Visual Memory • Encourage Observation and Analysis • Strengthen Auditory Discrimination • Recognize Visual or Auditory Strengths • Increase Musical and Visual Creativity

• Did You See It? Hear It? Concentrate.
Were those two Fripples wearing the same hat? Were they speaking the same language? Strengthen listening skills with Frippletration. For one or two players.

• Listen. Which Line Did Crocker Play?
Kids explore rhythmic notation on their own high-tech jammin' machine and match the band members to the rhythm lines they played.

• Learn Tunes with Toony
Build listening skills and auditory memory as you learn all-time favorite songs on one of four wacky xylophones!

• New Dimensions for Thinking
Explore 3-dimensional visualization and optical illusion! Draw or erase on the 2D workspace and watch as your picture is instantly mapped onto a spinning 3D image.

Windows® 10, 8, 7