Themeweavers Animals

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Teaching with themes just got easier and more fun!

ThemeWeavers: Animals offers all-in-one solutions for theme-based teaching. Dozens of ready-to-use activities engage studentsÕ thinking skills, support pre- and emerging readers, and cover subject areas such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and art. ThemeWeavers: Animals uses students' fascination with animals to teach rhyming words, opposites, counting, habitats, life cycles, and more.

o Loaded with multimedia tools for creating your own learning aids
o Includes dozens of ready-to-use activities
o 365 awards since 1993
o Over 80 activity templates, including Venn diagrams, graphs, maps, and sorting bins
o Easy-to-use tools include text and shape tools, stickers, backgrounds, templates, and sound effects
o Record and playback feature lets you customize instructions
o Customize any pre-made activity or create your own

Learning Benefits
o Builds skills in math, science, language arts, social sciences, and art
o Uses creativity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding
o Provides practice in following directions
o Enhances communication skills
o Expands elementary vocabulary

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