MindTwister Math

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Ages 8–10 Years

Engaging Math Review–With a Twist!

MindTwister Math is a game show that adds a thrilling twist to math practice! Hosted by almost-identical twins, Max and Nina, the program encourages students to review and practice essential 3rd grade math skills. MindTwister Math provides hours of review and thousands of unique games for up to three players.

o 365 Awards Since 1993
o Engaging Math Review With a Twist!
o Increases Math-Fact Fluency
o Strengthens Mental Math Skills
o Improves Computation Proficiency

UFO Challenges -- Read the rule displayed at the top of the screen. If you see a flying object or number that fits the rule, press your ring-in key to win the points!

Game Pieces -- Choose from nine fun cartoon characters.

Cooperation Break -- Move the Vacusaurus to gather Numbugs that fit the rule. But to earn points, you need to work with the other players.

Totally Twisters -- Press your ring-in key first to get a chance to answer the question. Different questions have different point values!

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