Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry

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In Cosmic Geometry, students explore attributes of shapes and solids, constructions and transformations, 2D and 3D coordinates, and the relationships between length, perimeter, area, and volume. Winding their way through a 3D maze, assembling robots, creating tessellating patterns, and making movies of geometric constructions, students develop a strong foundation for geometry and its real-world applications.

Ages 12-14

Special features include Virtual Manipulatives that help students make the connection between concrete and abstract concepts and Grow Slides, which automatically advance topics and problems.

Graduate from the Geometry Academy
Enroll at the Geometry Academy to learn about geometry terminology and famous mathematicians, and experiment with "hands-on" geometric models. Hexa, the hexahedron and chief reference librarian for Planet Geometry, is your guide!

Geometry Goes to the Movies
You're the director in GeoMovies! Tetra, the tetrahedron, provides tools you can use to solve problems and build intricate geometric constructions that you view as movies. "Scene" and "Ideas" buttons provide starting points for creative expression.

• Robots Dance Through Geometric Transformations
Build robots and choreograph their actions in Octa, the octahedron's, Robot Studio. Use translations (slides), rotations (turns) and reflections (flips) to assemble your robot on a 2D coordinate grid, then make it dance in a 3D space. Predict and test solutions, search for patterns, and build spatial awareness as you direct and test your robot's moves.

• Sizzling Symmetrical Patterns Spring to Life
Choose a shape. Now pull it, stretch it and fill it with color or art in an interlocking, symmetrical pattern. You've made a tessellation! At the Tessellation Creation Station you develop artistic creativity while exploring shapes, patterns and symmetry.

• Explore Geometric Relationships in a 3D Maze
Enter Amazing Angles and help Dodeca the dodecahedron navigate the 3D labyrinth he calls home. Unlock secret rooms and discover new paths by solving for the relationships between length, angle, perimeter, area, dimension, surface area, and volume. Every path leads to new questions, and every question leads deeper into the maze.

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