Arthur's Teacher Trouble

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Ages 3-7

Help Arthur Win the Spellathon

Your kids will love reading and spelling with Arthur®! Based on the book by best-selling author Marc Brown, children practice spelling and reading while learning new vocabulary words. Kids practice along with Arthur as he studies for his school's spelling bee. Enhance your child's education while they have fun playing with Arthur—we won't tell them they're learning if you don't.

Mr. Ratburn gives a spelling test the first week of school! Little does Arthur know he'll soon be in the school spellathon.

Spelling words are highlighted so children see and hear the letter at the same time, reinforcing new vocabulary.

Kids love helping their favorite character, Arthur, study for the big spellathon in this highly interactive, 24-page story.

• Reading
• Spelling
• Vocabulary

Windows® 7 (32-Bit Only)