Goldrush Klondike (Download)

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Features 20 of the World's Best-Loved Klondike Variations

A solitaire collection that's pure gold!

You've struck it rich with this stunning collection of fun Klondike solitaire games! Choose from 20 favorite variations including Gargantua, Gigantua, King Albert, Klondike 3 Card, Quadruple Klondike, Tri-Klondike, Reverse Klondike, Brisbane and more! With incredible graphics and entertaining gameplay, Goldrush Klondike is 24-hour, 24-karat fun!

20 Klondike Favorites including

Acedike, Agnes, Crazy Klondike, Double Klondike, Fascination, Eternal Triangle, Harp, Sommerset, Thumb & Pouch, Spikedike, Raglan, and Queenie...and more!


Choose from beautiful Klondike-themed card backs
Play with Standard or Low Vision Cards

Windows® 10, 8, 7
Pentium II 450 MHz processor
10 MB free hard disk space