Club Vegas Slots 10,000 Volume 2

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Bonus Game Slots

Welcome to Club Vegas...the coolest slots in town!

You're always a VIP at Club Vegas! Enjoy hours of high-rolling fun with a variety of 3- and 5-reel bonus slot games, including Cupid's Arrows, Royal Riches, Aztec Treasure, Marble Madness, Tahitian Paradise and many more!

o Bonus Games: Exciting bonus games maximize your wins! Play Beat the King, Celebrity Challenge, Free Spins and more!
o Realistic Slot Game Simulation: Incredible sights, sounds, and animations put you in your own private club in Vegas!
o Real or Fantasy Odds: Simulate real Vegas-style payouts or win more with Fantasy Odds.
o Auto-Play Button: Sit back, relax, and watch the reels spin and win! Play the bonus games and let the computer do the rest!

Over 10,000 Slot Games Variations!Plus:
o Easy Navigation
o Detailed Pay Tables
o Return to Last Game Played
o Multiple Player Accounts
o Bank Reset

Windows® 10, 8, 7
DirectX® 9.0c
1.5 GHz or faster processor
256 MB RAM
530 MB free hard disk space
64 MB video card