Enemy Engaged 2 (Download)

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Climb aboard an American RAH-66 Comanche, or the Russian KA-52 Hokum B, and prepare to experience low-level helicopter combat like never before! Feel the white knuckle tension of the realistic flight dynamics as you sharpen your "line of sight" tactics over 30,000 more than kilometers of treacherous landscape!

* Modern helicopter combat simulation with realistic flight physics
* Three exciting theaters of war with two opposing campaigns each
* Over 300,000 square kilometers of flying area over Lebanon, Taiwan and Korea
* Diverse combat environments executed in lush 3D detail under a wide range of weather conditions
* Over 1200 very detailed and precise vehicles
* Immersive voice control allows you to command your gunner and wingman
* 16 players over LAN or Internet

ESRB: T for Teen
Mild Violence

Download Size: 555 MB

Windows® 8, 7
2 GHz Intel or AMD processor (3 GHz processor recommended)
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
2.4 GB free hard disk space
128 MB video card with 2.0 shaders (256 MB recommended)
DirectX® 9.0 or higher
Internet or LAN connection required for multiplayer
Microphone for optional voice control