Spy Kids® Mission: The Underground Affair

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Ages 7-10

The Spy Kids® Are on a New Mission, and They Need Your Help!

Deep in the jungle, the anti-gravity mines have been plundered! The Spy Kids® must journey beneath the Earth to find the secrets of...

The Underground Affair
Help Carmen and Juni foil the plans of King Xibalba and his hordes of Mole People
Develop critical thinking skills by solving 8 interactive challenges at 3 levels of difficulty!
Discover never-before-seen footage from Spy Kids® 2 and Spy Kids® 3-D!

o 3 levels of interactive play
o 8 exciting and educational activities
o Never-before-seen footage from Spy Kids® 2 and Spy Kids® 3-D

o Planning and decision-making
o Strategic thinking
o Problem-solving
o Trial and error
o Geometry
o Reading
o Math

Windows® 10, 7
Pentium® II 500 MHz or faster
128 MB RAM
50 MB free hard disk space
16-bit DirectX® compatible video card