Jay Jay Sky Heroes to the Rescue

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Ages 3-7

Discover Nature, Letters & Words!

Discover the Wonders of Nature and Reading with High-Flying Heroes!

The legendary Sparkleberry Tree of Pangabula Island has lost its glimmer. Fasten your seat belt for a sky-high rescue mission! Jay Jay and his valiant fleet of flying friends need your help to collect soil, sunlight, food, and water to save this precious tree. Sing, play, and learn about nature, letters, words, and more. We'll help your imagination soar!

Soil Mixer -- At the local quarry, follow instructions to sort and mix the perfect ingredients for rich soil. Hurry, the tree is waiting!

Alphabet Birdies -- In the forest, large flocks of birds are blocking the sun. Sort and sequence by letter and case to help them fly away!

Smog Buster -- Pangabula Islandª is smothered in smog! Follow Herky'sª instructions to fly through a maze and clear the smog away!

Discover & Learn:
o Nature
o Science
o Spelling
o Phonics
o Letter recognition
o Word building
o Pattern completion
o Sequencing
o Following instructions
o Logical reasoning
o Musical creativity
o Critical thinking
o Computer skills

Special Features:
o 6 activities
o Nature videos
o Fun Jay Jay songs
o Printable activities

Windows® 10, 8, 7
266 MHz Pentium® or faster
128 MB free RAM
35 MB free hard disk space
16-bit DirectX® compatible video card with 2 MB memory