Cyberchase Castleblanca Quest

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Based on the Award-Winning PBS Kids Series!

Ages 8-11

Stop the Monster Madness!

Monsters, vampires, and mummies need their gloomy weather in Castleblanca. Hacker has stolen their Gloomy Weather Chip and flooded the site with sunshine. Help Jackie, Matt, and Inez use measurement concepts and estimation on their dangerous mission to restore Castleblanca's weather!

Disco Deflector: -- The monsters want to danceÑchange the mirror angles to make the disco ball glitter.

Monster Dive: -- Help the monsters dive by changing the depth of the water in their pool.

Scary Scales: -- Estimate how many mummies are needed to balance the scales.

Lights Out: -- Use spatial reasoning to help Matt close all the window shades so Dracula can sleep.

o Eight activities
o Video footage and full screen animation
o Tracking feature lets parents monitor progress
o Two modes of play: adventure and practice
o Three levels of difficulty

o Strategic thinking
o Approximation
o Spatial reasoning
o Trial and error
o Problem solving
o Planning and decision making

Windows® 10, 8, 7
233 MHz Pentium¨ or faster
30 MB free hard disk space
16-bit DirectX¨ compatible video card with 2 MB memory