Zoboomafoo Creature Quest

In Hot Pursuit of Hidden Treasure and Amazing Animal Discoveries!
Zoboomafoo Creature Quest
Part Number:  L2ZOOCRQUJ
Operating System: Windows®  XP, Vista, 7
UPC:  7-98936-83201-6
Package:  Retail Jewel Case
Ages:   3-6

Search for hidden treasure in the wild and wacky world of Animal Junction! Discover creatures great and small, and find out about their habitats. Kids will love learning about animals, numbers, patterns, and more! Leapin' lemurs! It's a treasure trove of mind-bending animal games!

Chameleon Patterns
A colorful chameleon needs your help to complete the pattern of blocks. Choose carefully. He's watching your every move!

Noggendrill's Maze
It's an underground maze in Zobooland! Help Zoboo and Narchi find their way to the top. Watch out for Noggendrill!

Counting Coyotes
The cute coyote pups want to learn to add. Click on the numbers and they'll pounce on the correct answers!

• Creature fact book
• 8 interactive activities
• Fun, printable activities
• Real animal videos
• Fun Zoboomafoo songs
• Printable treasure maps
• Treasure hunter certificates

Discover & Learn:
• Interesting animal facts • Animal sounds • Animal habitats • Number recognition • Addition • Counting • Early phonics • Colors & creativity • Visual memory • Pattern recognition • Following instructions • Logical reasoning • Critical thinking

System Req: 

• Windows® 7, 98, Me, 2000, XP
• 300 MHz Pentium® II (500 MHz Pentium III for 2000 or XP)
• 128 MB RAM
• 50 MB free hard disk space
• 16-bit DirectX® compatible video card
• 800x600 monitor, 16-bit color
• Windows-compatible sound card & speakers
• 4X CD-ROM drive
• QuickTime® 5 or later recommended
• Printer recommended