Zoboomafoo Animal Alphabet

From Armadillos to Zebras, a Joyful Journey Through the Alphabet!
Zoboomafoo Animal Alphabet
Part Number:  L2ZOOANALJ
Operating System: Windows®  XP, Vista, 7
UPC:  7-98936-83202-3
Package:  Retail Jewel Case
Ages:   3-6

Join Zoboomafoo, the lovable leaping lemur, to explore letters, early reading, and the wacky and wonderful world of animals! Kids will discover 26 different creatures—one for every letter of the alphabet. This eye-popping adventure is filled with learning games, animal videos, and printable activities. Come on, let's meet a rhinoceros and make pals with a penguin!

Zobooland Jumble
Run a race through Zobooland! Unscramble jumbled animal names and count each space 'til you cross the finish line!

Alphabet Noodles
Wiggy Waxwing is hungry for root noodles! Pick just the right alphabet noodles; then watch Wiggy slurp them up!

Creature Concert
Crazy critters sing out in their best animal voices. Can you play the sounds back in the same order and make animal music?

• 26 unique characters
• 8 interactive activities
• Fun, printable activities
• Real animal videos
• Fun Zoboomafoo songs
• Creature adventure photo album
• Printable animal flashcards

Discover & Learn:
• Interesting animal facts • Letters of the alphabet • Animal sounds • Early phonics & spelling • Colors & creativity • Visual & auditory memory • Counting • Pattern repetition • Following instructions • Logical reasoning • Critical thinking

System Req: 

• Windows® 7, 98, Me, 2000, XP
• 266 MHz Pentium® II or faster
• 64 MB RAM
• 20 MB free hard disk space
• 16-bit DirectX® compatible video card with 2 MB memory
• 16-bit color monitor
• Windows-compatible sound card & speakers
• 8X CD-ROM drive
• QuickTime® 5 or later recommended
• Printer recommended