Spanish For Professionals: Practical Spanish for Police, Firefighters and Health Professionals from Audio-Forum

December 2, 2013

Educational publisher Audio-Forum® is pleased to announce the release of Spanish For Health Professionals and Spanish For Police and Firefighters, a set of book and audio courses covering practical Spanish for emergency responders. Designed for medical, emergency and law enforcement personnel, these courses teach both basic phrases and specialized terminology for use in assisting Spanish-speaking individuals in a variety of emergency and human-services situations.

Spanish For Health Professionals and Spanish For Police and Firefighters provide an extensive selection of practical questions and expressions specifically geared towards emergency, medical and public safety situations. Emergency service personnel, hospital personnel, medical technicians, physicians, nurses, police officers and firefighters who need to communicate with Spanish-speaking people will find these titles ideal for dealing with the complicated and nuanced terminology of their respective professions. In contrast, a general Spanish language course may only provide conversational support for travel, business or social situations. It often cannot provide first responders with the targeted Spanish-language skills they need in their unique jobs, where using the wrong word or phrase could create confusion and possibly lead to dangerous mistakes.

In addition to several hours of audio, each course offers a quick-reference book with a glossary that covers common terms, plus an introduction to basic Spanish pronunciation and grammar. Spanish for Health Professionals features vocabulary dealing with heart attacks, pregnancy, poisons, burns, wounds, fractures, parts of the body, patient information, medical history and more. Spanish for Police and Firefighters focuses on asking questions, conducting interviews, time and measurement, descriptions, first aid, weapons and tools, fires and fire prevention, automobiles and drunk driving, narcotics and drug slang, arrests and the Miranda law, police reports, auto theft, assault, burglary and missing persons reports. Each title provides essential Spanish words and phrases in a fast, focused format that makes it easy to confidently pick up critical foreign language skills.

Audio-Forum is one of the most trusted names in premium foreign language learning. It began as an audio-recording production house for the Foreign Service Institute and became the first publisher of FSI foreign language courses for the general public. For 40 years, Audio-Forum has offered more quality full-length foreign language-learning programs in more languages, providing professionally printed books, quality packaging, and a fantastic overall foreign language learning experience.

Spanish For Health Professionals and Spanish For Police and Firefighters are available in print and digital formats on, an online store for premium language courses featuring both Audio-Forum foreign language courses and Selectsoft foreign language software. Audio-Forum and Selectsoft are divisions of MPS Multimedia Inc., a privately-held consumer software company in business since 1992 with offices based in San Mateo, CA. For over 20 years, Selectsoft has been dedicated to providing affordable, fun entertainment for the whole family.

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