Selectsoft FAQ

Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Selectsoft and our products.

Q: Why don't I see any pricing for your software on this website?

A: In general, most Selectsoft Licensed Software has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $19.99. However, street prices vary and we choose not to list prices so we can focus on product information.

Q: I'm an End-User and wish to purchase your products. Do you sell your products to the retail public on this website?

A: Yes, you may visit our direct-to-consumer online store. Please click on the “Selectsoft Store” icon to go directly to (please note, not all titles listed on are sold at You will find that Selectsoft Licensed Software is mainly sold though our independent store partners — various independent stores such as computer stores, toy stores, book stores, general discount stores, and internet stores. If you can’t find a particular title at one of our retail partners, we would suggest searching for the title online. Always look for the Selectsoft Label to ensure that you are getting our officially supported and licensed software by Selectsoft Publishing.

Q: I'm an End-User and I need technical support with one of your Selectsoft Licensed Software products. Where do I start?

A: For technical support click here.

Q: I think your website looks awesome! May I copy it?

A: NO, you MAY NOT. This site and its content are copyrighted by MPS Multimedia Inc. (dba Selectsoft Publishing). But if you are a current reseller who stocks Official Selectsoft Licensed Software, you are welcome to use the marketing information (including graphics and text) on each of our Selectsoft Licensed Titles in your own marketing endeavors.