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August 30, 2011

Travel in time to a medieval battlefield—Castle Clout will be available for iPhone® and iPad® on September 8th, 2011! Launch bombs, boulders and more to smash castles and topple foes with Castle Clout for iOS. Enjoy exciting trebuchet action combined with smooth touch controls, a powerful build-and-share level editor, detailed graphics, and fun enemy-squashing sound effects. With over 35 million online plays, Castle Clout was a viral hit before the current wave of artillery games that now includes Crush the Castle and Angry Birds, but has never before been available for iOS. Read more about the Castle Clout story here.

Developed by Selectsoft in partnership with Teyon, Castle Clout for iPhone® and iPad® takes full advantage of touch screen technology by offering both classic tap controls and precision directional aiming. Choose your ammo and angle of attack, and release at the right moment to maximize the damage you inflict. Listen to the agonized cries of your defeated foes while you smash their castles to smithereens!

* Build and Share Levels - Build and share your own level designs! Design amazing structures using different wall materials and defensive objects, then fill your creation with 6 kinds of characters.
* 150 Levels Plus Unlimited Shared Maps - Earn trophies on 150 challenging levels of medieval mayhem. Plus enjoy free access to unlimited community-created shared levels.
* OpenFeint Integration - There are 13 achievements to win and global online leaderboards to record your best plays.
* 2 Control Modes - Choose between classic tap controls and precision directional aiming. Pick the right angle and ammo to inflict maximum damage on your foes.
* Multiple Types Of Enemies And Ammo - Destroy your foes with boulders, bombs, plagues and more! Knock the knight, kill the king, annihilate the archer, jumble the jester and quash the queen. Just don't mess with the monks!
* Get the Full Experience - 6 detailed backgrounds, a battle-ready soundtrack, updated physics and fun sound effects put you in the middle of the action.

Since its original web release in 2008, the Castle Clout series has gained many fans and tens of millions of plays. “I was sure that the Castle Clout game mechanic would translate well to the iPhone,” said Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen. “We made a great effort to improve the polish but keep true to the Castle Clout experience.”

Full press release online at PRMac.

August 4, 2011

Play & Learn Spanish is now available for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service! Play & Learn Spanish is a fun “find it” game that lets players explore while learning a new language. Find the pictures to match the words you hear, and see how high you can score! Over 700 words and phrases, and real environments such as a supermarket, restaurant and city will help you learn quickly and speak with confidence.
Play & Learn Spanish combines entertaining gameplay with immersive environments so players can learn Spanish in a fun and natural way. It’s easy and effective for beginners and travelers and a fun refresher for advanced and intermediate speakers. Play & Learn Spanish is available on the Nintendo DSi Shop for 800 Nintendo DSi Points™.

August 3, 2011

Here are some of our newest PC releases!

Mystery Case Files®: 13th Skull™
Solve the secrets of the pirate's curse!

Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery
Suicide...or murder?

Mystery Trackers: The Void
Find 3 missing celebrities in the mysterious Void mansion!

PuppetShow™: Mystery of Joyville
Uncover the hidden clues that hold the answers to the disturbing mystery of Joyville

PuppetShow™: Souls of the Innocent
Unravel sinister puzzles to save an innocent soul!

Flux Family Secrets™: The Rabbit Hole
To get back to the present, return to the past!

Drawn®: Dark Flight™
Iris has escaped from the Tower but she still needs your help!

August 3, 2011

Play & Learn German and Italian are now on the iTunes App Store, joining Play & Learn French, Spanish and Chinese! And for all you Droid users out there, check out Play & Learn Spanish and Play & Learn Chinese, both available now in the Android Market. Play & Learn language apps are fun “find it” games that let players explore while learning a new language. Over 700 words and phrases, and real environments such as a supermarket, restaurant and city will help users learn quickly and speak with confidence.

July 28, 2011

AquaPark Tycoon is now available in the Mac App Store! With its unique combination of tycoon strategy and virtual pet fun, AquaPark has been quickly making its way up the sales charts since its release. And if you're looking for more pet tycoon action, check out AquaPark's companion game, Pet Hotel Tycoon, which features puppies, ponies, bunnies, kittens and dinos! Both of these games have been doing well, marking a very exciting and successful Mac App store debut for us. We're hoping that they're just the first of many great Mac games and apps to come.

July 28, 2011

We've been working on an iOS version of Castle Clout for over a year now, and are finally set to release to iPhone® and iPad® this fall. Read a little about the history of the game in this press release, entitled "Before Angry Birds, There Was Castle Clout: Hit Game Arrives For iPhone® And iPad®". You can also play the PC version online at Enjoy a little medieval mayhem!