New Mac Releases: Gymnastics Girl, Colors with Dally Dino, Secret Empires of Magic

October 23, 2013

We have lots of new apps this week! First up, Gymnastics Girl for Mac. Choose your favorite Gymnastics Girl and compete for the gold medal! Run, flip and spin off the mat, balance beam, trampoline and vault as you collect stars and perfect your tumbling. We've also released Colors with Dally Dino for Mac. Dally teaches matching, sorting, sequencing, finding, counting, and more! Kids can discover the world of colors with 7 fun educational activities. Finally, Secret Empires of Magic for Mac. Explore the gilded palaces of Arabia, the hidden shrines of Shangri-La, the ancient castles of Avalon and the mountain halls of Valhalla. Medieval ruins, hidden courtyards and more are filled with over 1000 carefully placed objects that you must find before time runs out. We're always adding more new iPhone®, iPad® and Mac apps, so be sure to check back often.