Monthly App Sales: Driving School, Secret Mysteries: Mythical Lands, Colors with Dally Dino HD

May 30, 2014

This month, get the iPhone and iPad app Driving School for $1. Whether you’re a novice driver looking to earn your first license, or a road veteran hoping to brush up on your skills, Driving School is a great way to learn all you’ll need to know for a driver’s test—parking, steering and turning, braking, reversing, acceleration, entering and leaving traffic, city and rural driving, and more. Also, Secret Mysteries: Mythical Lands is on sale for just $1 this month on iPhone. Finally, enjoy the iPad app Colors with Dally Dino HD for just $2! Teaches matching, sorting, sequencing, finding, counting, and more! Hurry, these special prices disappear on July 1st. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to keep up with all our upcoming price drops and sales.