Global Voyage Kenya & Tunisia

Global Voyage Kenya & Tunisia
Platform:  iPhone/iPad (Universal App)
Category:  Reference
Age Rating:  4+

Observe a sleeping lioness on a grassy plain, enjoy the impressive jumping dance of the Masai, fly over the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro, visit the fragrant souks of Tunis and more. Visit Kenya and Tunisia on a video journey through the culture, history and environment of these beautiful African oases. Read along with the text as you watch the videos, then take a fun quiz to find out what you've learned! The innovative videobook format is intuitive to use and lets you quickly navigate with the swipe of a finger.

Embark on a Global Voyage to Kenya & Tunisia, a virtual trip to two world-famous African destinations.

• Lake Victoria • Kilimanjaro • Lake Nakuru • Masai Mara • Lake Nakuru • Hammamet • Tunis • Sidi Bou Said • Sousse • El Djem • Sahara Desert • Djerba • And More