101 Dino Pets 3D

Virtual Pet Dinosaur with Mini Games
101 Dino Pets 3D
Platform:  iPad
Category:  Games
Age Rating:  4+

What's even more fun than a puppy for a pet? Your very own dinosaur! With 101 DinoPets 3D, you can have a dino friend to care for, teach, play with and love, all in amazing 3D and completely free to play! Enjoy a game of fetch in the park or teach your dino to dance, jump and fly. Play exciting minigames as you take your dino to the vet for checkups, give it a bath, romp in the yard and more. Enter your dino into pet shows to earn toys, food, clothing and furniture, then dress up your pet with hats, glasses, shirts and other cool items.

• CHOOSE! Pick from 5 different dinosaur types
• PLAY! Enjoy fun minigames with your dinosaur friend, like matching, memory, puzzle jump and more
• TEACH! Show your dino how to do tricks, then reward your pet with a treat
• WIN! Enter pet shows to win prizes and earn toys, food, clothing and furniture
• CUSTOMIZE! Give your dino a pirate hat, cool sunglasses, a mustache and more
• LOVE! Take care of your dino just like a real pet
• Completely FREE to play!