Horseback Ride & Jump Secrets

Learn to jump from a skilled instructor!
Horseback Ride & Jump Secrets
Category:  Education
Age Rating:  4+

Discover the secrets of English-style riding and jumping from expert trainer, experienced competitor and professional instructor Leonie Baker. Just follow along as she shows you how to safely take your horse through a complete jump course. With the step-by-step personal lessons you'll learn the right way to jump poles, wide fences and high pickets, as well as how to keep your horse relaxed and happy. Cover such useful topics as Warm Up Exercises, Course Work, Compound Maneuvers and more. It's the fun and easy way to learn to jump!

Read along with the text as you watch the videos, then take a fun quiz to find out what you've learned! The innovative videobook format is intuitive to use and lets you navigate through lessons at your own pace.

• Step-by-step video riding lessons
• Expert demonstrations
• Tips and techniques for improving performance
• Review quiz
• Covers poles, wide fences, cross rails and more!