Get Ready to Learn with Italian In A Flash from Selectsoft

October 30, 2013

California-based developer Selectsoft, creator of Top 100 Education language learning app Play & Learn Spanish and Top 100 Travel app French Travel Talk, is pleased to announce the release of Italian in a Flash, a fast, easy-to-use phrasebook app for iOS and Android. Italian in a Flash makes it easy to start learning and practicing Italian, with over 700 everyday Italian words and phrases that cover 9 basic areas: Classroom, Home, Essentials, Food, Medical, Numbers, People, Shopping and Transportation. The app combines flash cards, audio, phrases and a quiz into a single convenient interface that offers users more opportunities to review vocabulary and work on listening and comprehension skills with text and audio.
Strong foreign language skills can benefit the brain and provide job advantages, and Italian in a Flash provides a simple way to start learning a new language while on-the-go. Travelers can use the audio to provide fast spoken translations of key phrases or look up common words. All the content is included in the app, eliminating the need for additional downloads. Students can practice in flash card or quiz mode, and test vocabulary with text or audio cues. Spoken audio can give the pronunciation for each word, while an audio English translation and text provide the meaning. The quizzes and flash cards can switch between showing English or Italian first to reinforce learning. It's an easy way for beginners to pick up vocabulary and a great refresher for more advanced learners.
With over 700 flash cards covering emergencies, eating out, shopping, meeting people and more, Italian in a Flash is filled with practical content. A clean interface makes it easy to browse through all of the entries in 35 subcategories, while the fast search function allows to finding and playback of specific words or phrases. Even the youngest users can easily swipe from word to word as they browse through the flash cards. As research continues to show the mental benefits of bilingual learning and the rising importance of foreign language skills to businesses and employers, Italian in a Flash provides a useful learning tool, phrasebook, language guide and study aide for people of all ages.
As an educational app developer, Selectsoft has long been committed to encouraging foreign language learning through technology. Italian in a Flash is part of Selectsoft’s ongoing line of foreign language apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, which also includes the popular Play & Learn series, the top-selling series Speak & Learn, the Flash Card Fun language apps, Travel Talk apps, Audio-Forum and more. Italian in a Flash is available now for iPhone and iPad on the App Store in the Travel category.

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