Super Swap!

You’ll Never Be More Addicted...
Super Swap!
500  Nintendo DSi Points™
Genre:  Puzzle & Strategy
Devices Supported:   Nintendo DSi, 3DS
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More Fun to Swap Than Ever Before!

Can’t get enough of swapping puzzle games, but want something different? Swap ’til you drop with Super Swap! How fast can you swap, make combos, and get power-ups? Can you keep the stack from reaching the top? New twists and never-seen-before game play! Arcade action meets puzzle strategy! Fast and furious continuous swapping—can you meet the challenge?

Classic Mode: Strategy Over Speed!
Speed Mode: Swap ’til You Drop!
Timed Mode: Race Against Time
Speed Mode Sudden Death: Prepare for Sudden Death!
Multiple Swap Sets: Cones, Spheres, Candy and more! Change swap sets on the fly!

• 12 Ways to Play
• Multiple Swap Sets
• 4 Skill Levels
• Power-Up Bonuses
• Custom Settings