Play & Learn Chinese

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Play & Learn Chinese
800  Nintendo DSi Points™
Genre:  Education
Devices Supported:   Nintendo DSi, 3DS
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Play & Learn Chinese is the fast, fun, and friendly way to learn to speak Chinese! Enjoy fun "find it" games and immersive learning environments as you listen to and speak aloud Chinese words and phrases. Explore realistic settings such as a supermarket or a restaurant, then see how high you can score by finding the pictures to match the words you hear. You’ll be surprised by how much Chinese you’ve learned while you play! Over 700 words and phrases with entertaining visuals help you learn quickly and speak with confidence. Play & Learn Chinese is easy and effective for beginners and travelers and a fun refresher for advanced and intermediate speakers!

• Includes Game Mode and Learn Mode
• Features over 700 everyday words and phrases
• Learn spoken and written Latin American Spanish
• Subjects and situations include city streets, restaurant, supermarket, classroom, doctor's office, home, family, and more.

Activities Include:

• Common Places: Cityscape, Classroom, Doctor’s Office, House, Restaurant, and Supermarket
• Everyday Language: Animals, Body Anatomy, Calendar, Clothes, Money, Numbers, Time, Transportation and Weather
• Family Album: Learn the most commonly used terms to address family members and relatives.

"Visual and audio cues make this a useful piece of software" Nintendo Life: