101 Shark Pets

The virtual pet game!
101 Shark Pets
500  Nintendo DSi Points™
Genre:  Simulation
Devices Supported:   Nintendo DSi, 3DS
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Choose from over 101 adorable baby sharks—or simply adopt them all! You'll never be bored with so many new best friends to groom, pamper, play with and love! Enjoy the water slide in the aqua park, buy cute clothes and dress up your pet in 3D, teach your shark to jump, smile, fetch balls & more. Enter your shark into pet shows and earn money to buy fun upgrades, including toys, food, accessories and more. Zoom in, zoom out, tilt and rotate in real 3D to watch your shark, up close & personal!

• Immersive 3D Virtual World: Enjoy full 3D environments! Go underwater, visit the aqua park & more.
• Many Shark Types: Choose from Blue, Hammerhead, Sand Shark, Great White, Seafox, Pixie Shark, Megamouth, Tiger Shark & more!
• Over 101 Shark Toys & Upgrades: Unlock new items as you care for your pet.
• Personalized Skin Tint: Ever want a red shark? Now's your chance!

• Visible Pet Status Levels
• Play Multiple Saved Games
• 10+ Pet Profiles
• Pet Show Competitions
• Real 3D Textures