Crystal Caverns of Amon Ra

Incredible marble popper action in the legendary Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra!
Crystal Caverns of Amon Ra
Category:  Games
Age Rating:  4+

Deep beneath the great tombs, the treasures of the Crystal Caverns await. But before you can unlock their riches, you must meet the challenge of the Guardian. Blast through over 1000 incredible levels, filled with twists and turns, winding caverns, crystal sphere teleports, and more! Slide your shooter to adjust your aim and catch magic hieroglyphs sent by Amon-Ra to help you in your quest. Test your skills as the pathway fills and the targets get trickier to hit. It's the perfect combination of action and puzzle fun!

Crystal Caverns combines match-3 strategy with arcade-style gameplay as players try to capture crystal orbs running along a twisting path. The colorful crystal spheres descend along their path, pushed and pulled by gravity as they roll towards the Pit of Fire! Shoot matching spheres to capture the crystals and keep them from their fiery fate. The treasures of the Crystal Caverns await!

• 15 amazing power-ups including lasers, bombs, ball-eater and more
• 3D accelerated graphics
• Over 1000 action-packed levels