Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide

Personalized Programs for Great Sex—Featuring Live-Action Videos
Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide
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Ages:   18 & Over

Based on Anne Hooper's best-selling book, this disc will help you enjoy a more fulfilling sex life and get the most from a loving partnership. From those early stages of sexual experimentation to mature couples who want to rekindle passion—everyone can benefit from Anne's years of experience as a sex therapist and marriage counselor. Throughout the program, you can access additional information, videos, and animations.

Realize your full sexual potential by following Anne's Programs for Better Sex, including techniques and exercises to enhance your sexual experiences.

The in-depth reference section cites recent scientific research and provides information on every aspect of sexuality, breaking through misunderstandings and taboos.

Personal Courses Receive a tailor-made course of articles and personalized advice, based on your responses to six confidential questionnaires.

Not for sale to persons under 18 years of age

• Over 90 video clips
• More than 300 photographs
• 30 animations and artworks
• 70,000 words
• Over an hour of music and narration

System Req: 

• Windows(R) 3.1, 95/98, 2000
• 86DX/33 MHz or better
• 4 MB RAM
• SVGA display, 256 colors
• CD-ROM drive
• 8 or 16-bit sound card
• Speakers or headphones, mouse