Multiplication Frenzy

Practice multiplication with Dog and Owl!
Multiplication Frenzy
Platform:  Android Phone
Category:  Games

Dog and Owl are out enjoying a snowy winter wonderland and want to see what's in the box. Help Owl multiply the numbers in the blue squares and reveal the hidden picture.
Choose up to 4 numbers so that the product matches Dog’s total. The faster you are, the higher you score! Clear the board before the timer runs out to reach the next level and uncover another picture. As the levels progress, the time gets shorter and the challenge gets harder.

• Bright, colorful, easy-to-use interface
• Increasing difficulty as the levels progress
• 12 painted animal photos to reveal
• A fun way to practice multiplication

"The repetition of problem solving will get your kid to think about different ways to arrive at a solution." - Kids' App Reviews: