Baby Sign Language Vocabulary

400 ASL Signs
Baby Sign Language Vocabulary
Platform:  Android Phone/Tablet
Category:  Education

Teach your baby to talk before she can speak! Baby Sign Language Vocabulary covers more advanced signs and is an easy, fun way to learn sign language words and phrases to help you and your baby talk with each other. Help your child avoid the frustration of not being able to express his needs with signs covering activities, feelings, places, people and more. Quickly find and play each video entry, with no need to download additional content. Review with flash cards as you teach your child to sign. It's a fast and fun way to learn!

Communicate with your baby with over 400 practical sign language words! Create a closer bond, reduce frustration and empower your child with baby signs.

Baby Sign Language Vocabulary covers:
Activities • Body • Clothes • Descriptors • Feelings • Food • Greetings • Numbers • Time • Vehicles • Home • People • Places • Weather • And More!

• Fast, easy-to-use interface makes it simple to find and play specific words and phrases
• Quickly swipe through videos and tap to play
• Practice in flash card mode and review vocabulary with text or images
• Play wherever and whenever you are—it's the perfect way to learn on the go!