1001 Crystal Mazes HD

An Addictive Sokoban Puzzle Game! Push The Jewels To Challenge Your Brain
1001 Crystal Mazes HD
Platform:  Android Tablet
Category:  Games

Over 1000 different logic puzzles will test your skills and push your brain to the limit! It's quick to learn—just push the jewels forward to their target destinations—but takes a lifetime to master! Are you up to the challenge? Features include an undo/redo function, puzzle randomizer and puzzle selection menu. Give your brain a workout with 1001 Crystal Mazes, the deceptively simple jewel logic game!

1001 Crystal Mazes is a fun sokoban game that is deceptively simple. Your task is to push the crystals forward to their target destinations, one at a time. Sounds easy, but be careful! You can push your jewel into an impossible locked position if you don't plan ahead. As the mazes get harder and the crystals pile up, you'll need clever thinking to clear the labyrinth!

• 1001 different puzzles
• Puzzle randomizer and puzzle selection menu
• Undo/redo moves