About Selectsoft

Selectsoft is a leading developer of family-friendly games and apps, creating best-selling games for iOS, Android, consoles, Mac and PC. We’re also one of the largest independent publishers of PC software, featuring licensed content from Broderbund, Disney, The Learning Company and many more. For almost 20 years, Selectsoft has been dedicated to providing affordable, fun entertainment for the whole family!

Our parent company, MPS Multimedia, Inc. has been in the consumer software business since the very start of the interactive CD-ROM revolution in 1992. As a veteran in this industry, you can trust that Selectsoft indeed “selects the best of software.” Through the years we have maintained a strong commitment to providing consistent user value with high-quality products, easy-to-use technical support and a polished presentation.

Founded in 2001, Selectsoft is a division of MPS Multimedia Inc., a privately-held consumer software company in business since 1992 with offices based in San Mateo, CA.

Selectsoft Core Values

These core values represent who we are as a company:

• Adaptability. We’re a different kind of content company, a new hybrid of a developer-publisher. We can adapt quickly to a changing marketplace to provide the best customer experience.

• Consistent content. We’re big on content ownership, so our apps always have a consistent user experience.

• Value and selection. Our emphasis on apps for consumers lets us stay focused on delivering the greatest value, best selection and most complete experience with our apps.

• A “family-friendly experience.” Whether it’s educational apps to learn, lifestyle apps to enhance or friendly fun with casual games...you can trust Selectsoft to be the “family friendly app company.”

Selectsoft is a registered trademark of Selectsoft Publishing.